The Cairo language has some plugins that allow developers to simplify their code. They are called inline_macros and are a way of writing code that generates other code.

consteval_int! Macro

In some situations, a developer might need to declare a constant that is the result of a computation of integers. To compute a constant expression and use its result at compile time, it is required to use the consteval_int! macro.

Here is an example of consteval_int!:

const a: felt252 = consteval_int!(2 * 2 * 2);

This will be interpreted as const a: felt252 = 8; by the compiler.

selector! Macro

See Entry Point Selector.

Please refer to the Printing page.

array! Macro

Please refer to the Arrays page.

panic! Macro

See Unrecoverable Errors with panic page.

assert! and assert_xx! Macros

See How to Write Tests page.

format! Macro

See Printing page.

write! and writeln! Macros

See Printing page.

get_dep_component!, get_dep_component_mut and component! Macros

Please refer to the Composability and Components chapter.